At Green Electrical Services we are available for any size solar array up to 10MW whether you want to be green and reap the financial rewards of installing solar (over 15% returns on your money!!!!) or with our partner first solar energy partners we can provide PPA (power purchase agreement) solar installations on your building at no cost to you!!! Here is how this process works: We install solar power on your building roof, we perform the installation with no roof penetrations. We sell to you the power produce by the solar array (roughly 25-30% of your electrical usage) at a much reduced rate that you’re paying the utility. We keep all credits. After 15 years the solar array is YOURS!!! And you get 25-30% of you electricity for free!


  • Save on 25-30% of your electric bill
  • Increase property value
  • After 15 years get 25-30% of your electricity for free with absolutely no cost to you

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